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GirlsTube.jp distributes information on girls’ trends in Japan through online videos with the goal of becoming a social Internet TV station creating Japanese girls and pop culture fans not only in Japan but around the world!

“Kawaii” is known worldwide as a term that describes Japanese pop culture. Information shared by Japanese girls during their daily activities is becoming a strong force attracting attention not just in Japan but all over the world.

Now that Japan will host the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, more people from around the globe are focusing attention on Japan. Leading up to 2020, Japan intends to double the number of inbound tourists (foreign tourists) to 20 million visitors. An important part of this plan is the Cool Japan strategy, of which Japanese pop culture is a symbol. The social Internet TV station [GirlsTube.jp] will distribute information on Japanese pop culture from the perspective of Japanese girls and help to promote Japanese pop culture!

The GirlsTube Planning & Production Committee believes that like automobiles and IT, girls and pop culture are a unique resource of Japan.

The GirlsTube Planning & Production Committee wants to distribute girl power from all over Japan. In order to realize this, we hope to work with contributors who have a wide variety of content to share.

We chose YouTube, the world’s largest broadcast station, as the platform for distributing videos. As an Official Partner of Google, GirlsTube.jp will distribute videos of Japanese girls on the Internet.

Come and join us at GirlsTube.jp and let’s work together to promote Japanese culture!

GirlsTube.jp Planning & Production Committee


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